Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Are Different Types of Hair Extensions? - Tips on Choosing The Best Weave For My Hair

By Detra Rhodes

What Are Different Types of Hair Extensions? - Tips on Choosing The Best Weave For My Hair

For many women trying to get the best weave for their hair is a challenge. From choosing between remy, virgin remy, or even synthetic hair; to what are the different types of hair extensions there are several factors that determine the best hair for your face and hair. Is it length you desire? Or is it fullness? Maybe it is a subtle highlight of honey blonde in the front. Sew-ins may not be for everyone, just as braids are not for everyone! Each one of us have a unique hair make-up. Some of us have thin and fine hair, while others have thick and resilient hair. The good news is that the same looks can be achieved with different weave techniques and different types of hair extensions. So no need to be the person continuously installing a sew-in as her hairline slowly recedes to a neckline.

There are varieties of weaving application techniques. In this article we will focus on three that our hair extensions are commonly used for.

Bonding - Bonding may be perfect for the diva that wants length and or fullness for a shorter period of time. A lot of times damage to the hair is done because the sewn-in hair extensions are left in too long and the natural hair suffers. Bonding may also be a good solution for a few pieces here and there. Do not be scared of the glue but do not overdo. And when you are ready for the extensions to come out, conditioner is key!

Clip-ins - Clip-ins recently have become popular when in fact they have been in use for some time. Clip-ins are ideal for those with thin and fine hair. This type of hair tends to break easily when too much pressure is applied to it. Sew-ins regretfully will cause breakage to fine hair. Clip-ins can be applied daily which allows your own hair breaks in-between. The application is as easy as it sounds. You clip the hair extensions onto pieces of your hair and they securely hold tight in place. You can go from a short, flirty bob to a sexy, long mane in minutes. The ultimate quick fix to temporary hair extensions.

Sew-Ins - Sew-ins last long and create versatility within style preferences. Sew-ins are perfect for hair and edges that are stronger. If you desire a curlier or wavier do that may require a little tugging, pulling, and combing in the morning to accomplish your look, a sew-in is best. Remember that with a sew-in you have basically two styles: braids and a weave. This to more sensitive hair can mean double trouble.
Always know how much your hair can handle!

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